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@ 95

Its been a hectic couple of weeks, and following a diet through all that didn’t work out too well. Work, GulfRun, and Hajj doesn’t let a person follow a strict diet too well. One thing is for sure I was sitting and just eating, I think I was eating out of starvation at different points.

I went to the Doc yesterday expecting full well that I haven’t eaten too much and I will be told off. To my odd surprise after three weeks of not seeing the guy and completely messing up, I have lost about 0.5 kgs which is odd. People told me that I would lose during Hajj but even then I would eat a lot because their were times I wasn’t sure what time I would be back and if I can get my hands on something that tasted good, hotel food was to be avoided. He now gave me a detox diet to follow for the next week and what to follow for the next following weeks because I told him I will be traveling. One thing I’m happy about is that I do feel healthy.

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