24: Redemption

Jack has left the US and now ended up in Africa to keep his freedom. It has been too long not to see Jack in action, there was a feeling of nostalgia and hope when seeing this man. He just wants his freedom after serving his country and making the ultimate sacrifice, but not he wants to keep the only thing he has left which is his freedom. Without his knowledge he somehow gets dragged into something even bigger then before, and even helping these orphans get away from the tyrant has some times to his future. Now just to wait for Season 7 to start on January 11th with a 2 hr or 4 hr premiere.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. cococo

    they need to change the formula.

  2. watched it twice!

    cant wait for the premier, oo i hope its a 4 hr one!!!!

    do u think season 7 will pick up exactly after where redemption stopped, or they will jump into the future?

  3. Can’t wait till Jan 11th , Wonder what Jack has up his sleeves this season !?

  4. I watched the first season with my dad. It was AMAZING. But we sort of forgot about it with all the new shows that came out.

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