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GulfRun Timings Are Out

I knew I did decently this year but I didn’t expect that I was this high up. I tried pushing it a bit on the GP Circuit which has the long straight and I can really take off. I didn’t have a chance to participate in the Autocross and I doubt I would have done that well since my car is a little large, and I didn’t want to participate in the Quarter Mile since I know how hard I would have pushed my car. I really enjoyed the Inner Circuit and the GP Circuit.

14th of 31 vehicle, and I still have some room to improve, need to really follow my lines, I think I was enjoying drifting my car into some corners and not following better driving practices. I even remember one of the track instructors telling me that he wants to ride with me in the car because I seem to be enjoying myself.

Check out the link to GulfRun for the full timings of all the different circuits and vehicles.

Link: GulfRun