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iTunes Apps 12/08


I think I have managed to take some advantage of my iPod Touch with some interesting Apps and filling it up with music. I still have some ways to go to organize my music completely the right way, I am happy with some of the playlists that I have but I still have a lot of music that I’m surprised that is on my iPod after pressing the random shuffle button.


I have filled about 95% of my iPod Touch with music and 2% with Applications, and some of these Applications are pretty damn good. I have mentioned some small comments but all are pretty good, and the higher it is the more I like it.  


  • Fieldrunners (This Game is Fantastic)
  • BattleAtSea (Who doesn’t love playing battle ships)
  • Bloomberg (Keeping up to date on the latest financial news breaks, and there are lots of those these days)
  • Texas Hold’em (Some poker fun with different levels)
  • SportsTap (Keeping tabs on NFL, and NBA teams)
  • Now Playing (Its excellent in the US for movie times, I also get movie info from it)
  • Crash Bandicoot Nitro (Fun Driving Game)
  • Cro-Mag Rally (Fun Driving Game)
  • WordPress (If I just want to write the text while in a waiting room)
  • Yelp (Restaurant info and more)
  • Dynolicious (HP, Torque, and Skid Pad when your driving, pretty good)
  • iPray Pro (Pretty good with prayer times)
  • JellyCar (Pretty funny car when playing)
  • WeightTracker (Literally what it is)
  • Units (Great for different types of conversion, great on the run)
  • Mobile Banking (For those with a Bank of America account)
  • The Weather Channel (For more detailed weather information)
  • BA Flights (When you fly BA a lot its helpful, I’m not flying BA that much these days)