Jennifer Aniston in GQ

I have always had a thing for Jen since Friends, and I always think she is an attractive bubbly woman. She has worked on improving herself over the past couple of years. She looks even hotter now then she did 10 years ago, I will be getting my hands on this copy of GQ.

Link: GQ

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  1. It’s been on the entertainment news every time i switch on the tv for the past few days now. I am sick of it! What’s the big deal? She’s not the first one to bare it all and nor will she be the last.

  2. Komsomol

    Of course she would look great, GQ have some of the best photoshop experts in the business.

    Why else would they use a white background.

  3. I love her style and her hair is just amaaazing !

  4. Im at work and ppl think im gay cause of this post LMAO

  5. plastic

    @komsomol .. jennfier doesnt need any photoshopping ! You have obviously never see her paparazzi topless photos ! Hotness !

  6. no it's not

    she is 40 and her body looks like 24
    oooh my gosh

  7. I could play with her hair all day long ….. (amongst other things)

  8. McDesperate

    Her chin is just unbelievable.

  9. NuNu

    WOW!! She’s just DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!

  10. العبد لله

    7.melt al7.mal

  11. i just pray to God I look half as good when I’m 40, but having 0 kids helps

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