In Transit!

I’m wearing jeans and the 24 sweatshirt feeling half asleep, since I haven’t been getting much sleep the past couple of days. Flew in around 9 pm into Dubai, slept a few hours, got to the airport by 5:30 am for the 8 am flight to San Francisco. 


At 5:30 am there was very little traffic, but as soon as I got into Terminal 3 it was completely packed. There are so many people walking around and a lot of flighties taking off at this time. I am the business class lounge and its full to the point that I sat with a stranger having breakfast, then took 15 minutes to find a couch which has a plug and it wasn’t taken or being slept on.  Now getting mentally prepared for a 16.5 hour flight, I am planning to finish a lot of anime and pass out very soon, and I’m hoping not to miss a meal. 

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. G-Funk

    Man , I Sure wish to be in your shoes , at this time a year, I was taking a plane back to Kuwait from MIA for the hollidays , then starting early January head back to MIA . I sure miss those days , hoping to have time sometime early next year to go back and visit my friends there

  2. Zahed

    Miss you already bro.

  3. A couple of pain killers pills and ur in San Francisco before u even know it, i use Trumadol ;-)

  4. looks like the carpet was recently vacuumed! hehe

  5. Jewaira

    Freshly vacuumed lounge carpet. Nice.

    Have a safe and happy journey

  6. biggie27

    7imdila 3ala salama hows the states bro I hope ur having a blast, while im sitting here staring at this god damn screen counting the seconds as they go by :P……

  7. I hate long flights :/

    Troo7 witrid bil salama. Have fun!

  8. cooookiez

    Geez now I wana travel !
    Y cant we have such neat clean waiting areas !


  9. Is it just me or has Marzouq been strangely-away for too long?

  10. hope ur well and having a blast :D
    been a while, hope u’ll b back soon

  11. S.K

    zdistrict 3ndi so3al dash 3arth
    do you know by any chance how much is audi R8? you recommend it?

  12. IS-F Man (ALD)

    You dead mon?

  13. jewaira

    Hope all is well with you

  14. sinner

    where u at dude ?

  15. Jam3iiya(L)

    hows san fran?

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