24 Season 7

CTU is no longer there, Jack Bauer is getting grilled by the congressional committee, a new president came into office, and there is a new threat to be dealt with. The FBI pulls Jack Bauer out to help with their crisis and from the beginning of the show things come in fast and hard. Its Jack Bauer vs. Tony Almeda, its a lot more complicated then that. Everyone is in for a treat this season, it has been nothing short of insane, and you have to watch 24: Redemption to understand all that is going on, its all connected. I think they want a huge bang for this season, I’m just happy knowing there are two more seasons after this one, for a start of season 7 and just seeing the first 5 hours its nothing short of insane.

Link: Fox

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  1. Welcome Back, Thought that you were held by The FBI and Jack was trying to get you out :-) … Glad to hear that you are enjoying the new season.. Thank god for Bit Torrent and iTunes :-D

  2. Welcome back dude!

    24 has been amazing so far, i cant believe its been two years with out a new episode!

  3. maryam

    I didn’t read the post ;P I’m still watching season 6 ;D So many shows to watch and not enough time to do so!

  4. Innocent Achumba

    Jack, you are very popular in my house. My kids love you, so do I.

    Innocent Achumba

  5. claudegals

    Damn it Jack. Everyday is a very long day for you. Good work!

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