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Just Got Back

So been away for a little while, it has been an interesting vacation. I have been in the US for most of the time, and my friend joined me. We were staying at a friends place and visiting different places, the only thing I did online during that time was check my email and reply to those that I needed to. Other then that did a lot of riding, reading, driving, eating, relaxing, Halo 3 & Gears of War 2, and a few other things.

Looking at my Google Reader is nothing short of a disaster, I probably have over 4000+ feeds to read, which I’m probably going to skip, most of them are the major sites, but I know I’m going to read the regular blogs. Other then the online things I have to catch up with, I do have a billion things piled up to take care of, then there is work.

The jet lag is interesting, somehow I managed to adjust myself right away, I slept enough of the 16 hour flight so that I could function when I got here around 10 pm at night, so I woke up 9 am on Saturday.