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Year in Review

What a year 2008 has been, the writers strike which greatly affected all the shows were watching left us with odd shows to watch since we ran out of episodes. It has been an interesting year for sure, and the down turn in mid-2008 has now come full turn affecting everyone in the world, literally. And Obama is now President of the United States, we shall see what he will be doing.

Got a lot done this year with Windows Home Server and planning a large overhaul of the system to expand on it, it has been very reliable with very few glitches, I’m almost at peak capacity which I didn’t expect to reach. Now we have Windows 7 and Starcraft 2 (Crossing my fingers) to look forward to for this year, I’m playing Red Alert 3 and its a hell of a lot of fun, I prefer playing as the Japanese, The Land of the Rising Sun, since they have the coolest units which can do a lot of damage. Vista hasn’t been a disaster but much better after SP1. Then there was the release of Gears of War 2 which has been a great game, I still haven’t finished it, been busy playing online horde mode. We are still suffering from ridiculous internet prices but we just have to deal with it for now, but seems there will be a slash in prices very soon.

I did a lot of riding this year which I was happy about, I still want to modify the exhaust of the RC8 since it sounds too quiet for a machine that looks so striking. Its hard to chose between the 1098S and RC8 to ride during those mornings both are such amazing machines to ride and so thrilling.

Then there was the camera, I’m really happy I have managed to improve my photography skills even though they aren’t where I want them to be. Made use of those basic skills and enjoying taking all those photographs, I know I tend to annoy people with pictures and then there is the difficulty of taking pictures in public in Kuwait which I pretty much ignore! One simple rule, don’t take pictures of people and if you are make sure they aren’t looking.

One huge thing I was looking forward to this year was GulfRun 4 which was a huge success and a hell of a lot of fun thanks to the organizers, participants, and sponsors. I managed to push my car but not to its limits, I still have next year to keep on trying it out. A lot of people are planning ahead of GR5, I don’t know what to do next, but look forward to it.

Then there was Hajj, somehow the timing managed to work out for me and I got to go on one the best things I have ever done. It was an enlightening and spiritual experience which can’t really be described clearly or probably I don’t know how to describe it, all I know is that I want to go again and soon.

So overall I don’t think 2008 was too bad, it had its ups and downs but I like to think everything has a reason. Heres to everyone having a good year.