Innotech C6 Corvette

I have to say that I never thought a Czech company would be able to improve the look of the Corvette and yet they did. It has a bit of similar look to a 599, and they also have some engine modifications available for C6, Z06, and ZR1. I’m curious to see what these machines are able to do since they do perform in the first place.

Link: Carzi

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  1. How smart the environment is chosen. Typical thinking would call for a great place. He chose a dump to reflect on the car look… Smart :)

  2. Might look like a Ferrari, won’t sound like a Ferrari, won’t drive like a Ferrari, won’t feel like a… ooh you know what I mean. But seriously, couldn’t they think of a design of their own instead of ripping off Ferrari’s then adding a couple of edge spills here and there?

  3. AVEbrahimi

    Do you have a higher resolution version of first shot?

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