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Review: Emirates San Francisco Flight

After flying sixteen hours to and from the United States on a new Emirates route. I think that everyone should be flying on this plane since it was such a good experience. I broke it down to give people an idea. The plane was a brand new Boeing 777, they are flying the Airbus 380 to London and New York, I was hoping to get it to San Francisco but not this time around.

I was looking at three options to fly to San Francisco, and the shorter the stop in between the better. I was looking at British Airways, Lufthansa and Emirates Airlines. I expected Emirates to be the most expensive but I was wrong. For a business class seat Emirates was 22% cheaper then British Airways, but 9% more expensive then Lufthansa. British Airways also had the longest layover and Emirates had the shortest layover. Emirates also had the newest planes. Overall the price was very good for the quality and service I was getting.

The seats are quite wide, wider then British Airways sleeper seats and Lufthansa. You also get a huge screen in front of you, I haven’t seen a bigger screen on any airlines yet. When the seat is completely flat it is angled down slightly but you won’t suffer any back pain, or at least I didn’t. I tend to sleep on my side and some times on BA flights I would wake up feeling a little sore after a long flight. On the Emirates flight both going and coming I was very comfortable.

The food selection was decent, I always get hungry on the plane and hope for good food. Emirates Airlines had decent food, it was pretty good but I expected it to be better.

I think Emirates have perfected the best Flight Entertainment System available. They have the ICE system which has a lot of movies for you to choose from and to watch at anytime, and the best part is that you can watch it while you are parked in the terminal, so you can start the movie or show before take off. Sometimes waiting on the plane you get bored to death but not on a long haul Emirates flight. I started the movie the moment I sat down.

The ground staff at the new Terminal 3 in Dubai were decently helpful. The ground staff at SFO airport were very helpful, and this is the first time I see an airline who has staff up to the gate to help you when you arrive and when you depart, they were excellent. I was impressed by them and they wanted to make sure my things arrive in Kuwait and out very quickly. On the plane the staff was very nice, and while everyone was passed they kept asking if I wanted anything, and I just asked for a hot chocolate once and so they kept bringing me some, and I have to say that it was pretty good.