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Phone Rescue

I am always paranoid about the data on my phone, losing my phone numbers, pictures, ring tones, and messages. I try to back up my phone often, but the last months of 2008 I didn’t back up my phone and I added a lot of phone numbers and took off to the states. Around the 2 week of January I was riding my motorcycle to Palo Alto (Stanford) to get a bite to eat and then head back from there. When I was riding back to San Jose it started to rain, I stopped at the gas station next to the house to fill up gas, and as I was riding out I left my jacket zipper open which had my phone, so when I rode up hill I felt something fall out of my pocket. I stopped right away and saw my phone sliding a bit down the hill, I got off and tried to get to it before it slipped into a puddle, but I was too late.

I picked up the phone right away, wiped it off and saw the screen flickering to its death. I pulled out the battery right away, then I used a fan to try to dry it off a bit. I was hoping for the best, but I’m in the states with no spare phone, and I pretty much lost all my numbers. I’m lucky I have most of the important numbers memorized but I lost a lot of new numbers. I went picked up a crappy Sony Ericsson from Tmobile to last me the last two weeks. I wanted to break the phone in half after the first day, from such a good phone to a crappy one. I tried powering it up after three days of drying and heat, it came on, the phone shook, the keyboard lit up, but the screen would no power up. I was very annoyed at this, so I took out the battery and left it at that.

When I got back to Kuwait I took the phone to Phone Center in Sharq, 24040890, and told them the situation. They didn’t think it was salvageable. I gave them my spare phone in Kuwait, and I was hoping they can do something about it. They called me and told me that the phone is completely damaged and not worth fixing, but they managed to recover all the phone numbers off of it and transfer it to my spare phone. I have to say that the good news really made my day, and now I’m backing up the phone numbers and I have to make sure that I don’t overwrite any of the new ones.