Ugly Ad Starts @ Wataniya

If you are going for something different then don’t go for ugly. Here is an example of a failed attempt at Photoshop or any image editing software what so ever. I really didn’t think a major company could fail so badly as something as simple as this. And another point is that Wataniya service was never known for their online gaming bandwidth. I doubt World of Warcraft users would drop their Qnet, Kems, and other internet accounts to sign up with Wataniya for this service. Seriously very ugly picture.

Link: Ads2blog

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  1. Boba

    Booyyakashaaaaa !!!

  2. Not only that but they have the worst ads ever. I have been following their campaign for a while and I’m not impressed at all. They could do much better!

  3. Laialyq8

    what does Bart and Homer Simpson have to do with wataniya?
    they probably would get sued for this add

  4. Dear lord …
    is this suppose to be AD ?
    it looks like a Circus AD to me ^ – ^`

  5. Q80 In Denver

    question .. Do they have the copyrights for those characters? especially the simpsons and starwars!

  6. maryam

    is that a shoe at the top of the ad ???

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