Blackberry Phenomenon

I have noticed over the past year how many people have switched over to Blackberry phones. I always saw them in the states but never thought much of them since they were more business oriented. Recently I noticed more people Kuwait having them, even kids have them which is surprising. A lot of people are enjoying the BBM service which I think they have to unlock their phones to use. I never really thought much about the phone, and I have never been a fan of QWERTY keyboards, I much preferred a normal 12 button phone to make the calls or text messages. Its interesting how it has caught on in Kuwait, and there does seem to be a shortage for sure. I do have to say that the Blackberry Bold does have a very nice screen.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. BerserkKW

    You should check out the screen on the Curve 8900.. it’s higher resolution =D

  2. Laialyq8

    my bro thought it was like super awesome until he realized he has to pay Zain in order to use all its services

  3. once you switch to a blackberry u will understand what the fuss is all about. i was a critic like you and now im hooked. ive already managed to convert 2 of my friends and they are obsessed already.

  4. AVEbrahimi

    I don’t know about the world without touches, maybe the Bold could be good Win Mobile replacement.

  5. حسون الملعون

    this phenomenon is called “Habba”, it’s a typical kuwaiti thing :)

  6. of course, it’s from Canada :p haha!

    But I prefer the Nokia E71

  7. BOLDR

    Is it true that you have to unlock the phone to use BBM? I dont think so.

  8. Iron

    It’s simple. someone advertised “hey did u know you can send any short messages for free using BBS”

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