Western Digital 2 TB Hard Drive

Now this makes things a little more interesting, they have jumped the gun and released the first 2 TB Hard Drive. The new WD20EADS from Western Digital has crossed that boundry and it is technically available for all to use at this point, but I haven’t seen it on sale yet. I will want to get a few for the Windows Home Server and expand its capacity a little. Based on the specs it will be part of the Caviar Green line, meaning it will consume less power and produce less heat then a normal hard drive. I think the estimated retail will be around $300 which is a bit steep but still worth trying.

Link: WeGotServed

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  1. when i read the subject (WD2…) i thought the number “2” was a model name!!!

  2. lfc-q8

    if ur getting its wholesale put me down for 3 please :D

  3. dev

    wow! 2 TBs!!
    yeah.. need to get me hands on one of these

  4. 1 TB disks just don’t cut it anymore, no? :/

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