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Finite Time

Recently my grandmother has been in and out of the hospital due to health reasons, and she passed away in the early hours of Friday morning. I woke up and saw a few missed calls and texts on my phone which alarmed me. I spoke on the phone and had a feeling something was wrong, I got the news and knew what I had to do but I didn’t have to be anywhere for a few hours. So I sat on my chair for about an hour not really doing anything but thinking.

Took off to my grandmothers house to find a lot of family there, I don’t know how to describe the atmosphere. I gave my condolences to the family, and I was just waiting to know what was going to happen next. I was remembering all our Ramadans in her house, it was always a lot of fun, and I was always a stubborn kid, I wanted to be seated close to the chicken on the dining table. We had a bite to eat before going to the cemetery in Sulaibakhaat.

Everyone was feeling sad to one degree or another, but it hit me really hard when we were burying her. I just got a flood of tears and tried to keep it together for the 3aza. That is one of the things that I do appreciate about Kuwait, a lot of people care for one reason or another but a lot of people want to support you. She was a wife, a sister, a mother to many of us, her kindness really knew no limit. May she rest in peace.