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Too Lazy

You know you have been too lazy when you have put some tasks aside for over a week now. Most of them are things that have to do with organization and cleaning up. I know that doing it all would take about two to three hours, but its a lot of items and requires a lot of thinking. I just seem to come back to my room after a long day, sit on my chair, watch some Anime or TV shows and time goes by and I end up not complete these tedious tasks.

  • Putting away new books and comic books
  • Organizing all the new wires, and small electronic items I have laying on the floor
  • Organizing over 3000 pictures which I have taken over the past three months (That would take a decent amount of time, just too lazy to start)
  • Installing new KVM Switch (Dual DVI Input(x4), Dual DVI Output (x1)))(Requires a lot of rewiring, and I don’t feel like sitting under my desk and untangling the wires)
  • Installing the new iCore 7 PC (Tied with the KVM)
  • Going through some clothes, and organizing the few items I bought
  • Organizing the wiring behind the other side of the room, too many networking cables
  • Organizing files between computers since I’m taking a few offline and scrapping them for spare parts

When you take them individually I think they are doable tasks, but just knowing where to start is annoying me. I want to complete it all, or I want it all completed, but I hate anyone touching my wires or my stuff.