Too Lazy

You know you have been too lazy when you have put some tasks aside for over a week now. Most of them are things that have to do with organization and cleaning up. I know that doing it all would take about two to three hours, but its a lot of items and requires a lot of thinking. I just seem to come back to my room after a long day, sit on my chair, watch some Anime or TV shows and time goes by and I end up not complete these tedious tasks.

  • Putting away new books and comic books
  • Organizing all the new wires, and small electronic items I have laying on the floor
  • Organizing over 3000 pictures which I have taken over the past three months (That would take a decent amount of time, just too lazy to start)
  • Installing new KVM Switch (Dual DVI Input(x4), Dual DVI Output (x1)))(Requires a lot of rewiring, and I don’t feel like sitting under my desk and untangling the wires)
  • Installing the new iCore 7 PC (Tied with the KVM)
  • Going through some clothes, and organizing the few items I bought
  • Organizing the wiring behind the other side of the room, too many networking cables
  • Organizing files between computers since I’m taking a few offline and scrapping them for spare parts

When you take them individually I think they are doable tasks, but just knowing where to start is annoying me. I want to complete it all, or I want it all completed, but I hate anyone touching my wires or my stuff.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Looks like you need an IT administrator :P

  2. “I want to complete it all, or I want it all completed, but I hate anyone touching my wires or my stuff.” That sentence is the truth! ;P

    Aside from that, a week ?? a week ?? how about months ?

  3. maryam

    Too lazy here too ;P

    Room is a total disaster and yet, I come in and straight to the laptop and ignore the rest of the complete messy room!

    Maybe I’ll finalize it this week and snap out of the too lazy phase … I blame the weather ;P

  4. Laialy_q8

    All you need is some time managment.
    Just do one thing everyday and it will soon get done

    You need some motivation. put on some good music and time will go by

  5. Jewaira

    Laialy’s got the right idea.

    We all have organizing to do and it’s frustrating not knowing where to start when there’s too much

  6. oh good I’m not alone

    I started with organizing my cabenet, getting rid of old clothes and stuff to make space for the new ones

    I even opened an ebay account to sell some old bags and shoes to make space ;p bes mako fayda

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