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Mercedes.. Too Expensive

You can see a few 2009 SL Coupes on the road these days, ranging from the 280 to the 500. I didn’t see too many, just a few, so I was wondering what they priced that vehicle in Kuwait.

SL280 – 24’000 KD
SL350 – 26’000 KD
SL500 – 34’000 KD

That is probably the most ridiculously priced vehicle I have seen yet. I didn’t think that they would be so damn expensive, different brands sell super cars at the price of the SL500. I think its a tad over priced and they need to review it, I doubt the dealership is providing such high services to justify these prices. And these are the base prices with limited options, with all the different options it can go even higher. I bet they will be dropping the prices with the market in this situation.