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Food Mess Up

My feeding pattern in the states and returning to Kuwait has been rollercoaster of every type of food that comes to mind. There is so much to eat in the states, and I ate most of it or what ever that could fit. I tried to keep active which I was successful for some time but towards the end I wavered. Recently in Kuwait things have a bit hectic on my end so I eat at odd times and I don’t think of food until I am extremely hungry, and its usually late. When I do eat the first thing that happens is that I fall asleep where ever I am, I am thankful for having the ability to sleep anywhere, literally anywhere.

I’m going to try to shape up again, I know I gained some weight but I’m still in the minus from before so instead of losing 12 KGs, I gained 4 KGs so technically I still lost 8 KGs. Its funny when I justify things to myself, I’m happy at least knowing that I can drop it now but I have to stick to it like I did before, and that I am planning to do.

What I have been eating recently in Kuwait:

  • Chicken Machboos
  • Laham Machoos
  • Mawash Laham
  • Mawash Emrabian (Shrimp)
  • McDonalds
  • Shawara Dahiat Abdullah Al Salem (Damn Good)
  • Maki (A lot of Sushi)
  • Chinese Food
  • A few other things that I forgot

Did I gain weight? Yes
Am I going to lose it? I’m crossing my fingers