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Qnet Connection

This always happen every year I make an upgrade, I went to InfoConnect Expo to see Qnet prices and so decided to upgrade to the 7MB connection. I asked them to do a line test on my connection, turns out my limit is 8MB down and 1 MB down, meaning I have to take something below 8 MB, and 6MB would be playing it safe, I thought I would push it a little with the 7MB.

Same thing happened last year, I upgraded from 2MB to 4MB and the line was down, took them a week to sort it out. I do appreciate that they do have decent prices, and their phone support has improved greatly over the past year. I have called with problems before, and the customer service department were very helpful.

Now my connection dropped from 4MB connection to a 786 Kbps connection. They told me its a port problem, something on their side and so hopefully they can sort it out soon. I told them to note that I already changed the phone cable inside the house, and the one from the exchange to the DB of the house, and this is a direct line. I took all precautions to make sure this line gets as little interference as possible, its a fax line which is used for internet so it doesn’t need to go through a PBX.

Now I have to wait for them to sort things out, I just hope to be able to use the 7MB connection very soon, I’m eager to use it. I keep forgetting that my friend has a 16MB connection in his house for $34, such a difference, but still Kuwait is oddly in a better situation then most countries in the Middle East because of the larger choices we have.