Qnet Back Up!

Later in the afternoon on Wednesday the internet connection was back up and it was flying! My downloads were between 700 Kbps to 960 Kbps! It was a bit erratic for a little while but I was getting some very high speeds and my FTP flew through the files I had in the list.

Now even with the full throttle downloads I can watch Youtube without any issues what so ever, which speaks volume for the speed and consistency. I hope that Qnet can continue maintaining their services. I just learned that after a line test on my other connection which has a KEMS subscription, it is maxed out at 2MB and that line is a new line, so it seems the older lines are of better quality.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. d

    it’s lagging A LOT right now so I dont know what you’re talking about

  2. Madao

    Qnet has been very iffy lately, more so than usual. Browsing and direct downloads are currently very slow for me, not to mention P2P traffic coming to a screeching halt (which I’m hoping is a side effect of some major problem and not the result of intentional port-throttling).

    I’m seriously considering changing to another provider after close to 10 years of Qnet exclusivity, which is kind of sad really.

  3. WOW You’re pushing your luck so high :)

    Which area are you in? I wanna upgrade to decent shay 2 Mbps and still afraid. My parents saw hell with FT and 1 Mbps!

  4. Same shit happened to me.. Just upgraded my connection and noticed that the speed was still the same.. called’em up and they said that they have a problem from their side … gotta wait and see !!

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