Windows Home Server – Hazmat Server

I have gone through a lot with my Windows Home Server and most of all my media is installed on that machine. It has turned out to be the easiest and simplest back up solution I have with huge expansion capability. My Original Bunker Server is maxed out at 11 TB, and I have used 97% of the capacity available with duplication switched on. It has been working perfectly and for very long periods without being switched off. Microsoft has built an excellent product with Windows Home Server and I hope they keep developing it.

This is the second iteration of my Windows Home Server, I am building a new machine with at least 23TB starting, and easily going more with the new Western Digital 2 TB Drives. Thanks to the Addonics Port Multipliers this is achievable with the Back Planes and a SATA Array which is connected by eSATA through the motherboard. I will be cannibalizing Bunker Server once I start transferring files over to the Hazmat Server, mostly all the Addonics parts and hard drives. I will be listing all the parts for this install once we begin with it, and it will be a monster of a machine.

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  1. I always wonder, why do you need all this space for?

  2. Adrenaline: Server? Its ridiculously expensive.. Mac is not a solution to everything..

    Kodder: Everything is stored in one location, lots of movies, tv shows, and anime.. don’t delete anything when space is so cheap..

    enra-P-Noor: Too far away!

  3. Adrenaline: There is no teasing about servers.. you know that!!!!!!! lol

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