Sunny Day Out


Saturday was a bit of an odd day, I woke up around 8 am, wide awake for some reason even though I didn’t get much sleep only a few hours. I got on my computer and performed the usual rituals of checking the status of all machines, and then everything else. Checking mail, moving around a few files, extracting tv shows and movies, and then getting up a while later.

Headed out of the of the house around 10:30 am going towards Salhiya with a friend to pick up a few items for the family. Spent an hour there, getting what we needed, a drink from Starbucks, my friend has to have his coffee.

Then we spent a while looking for a spare battery for a Blackberry Bold in Sharq. Turns out there are no spare parts for any Blackberry phone, even from MTC or their certified repair center I2 in Khaleejeeya.

Then met up with the family at Avenues, and I saw the kids there. We had lunch at Cafe Blanc with very nice out side seating. There were a lot of people enjoying the day at Avenues, lots of families and kids running about. We kept saying hello to so many people, and it was nice seeing people out. The weather today was odd, raining in the morning, sunny in the afternoon, so people were mixed about the weather and going to Avenues was a safe bet. We were having a lot of fun sitting outside, but the best part was when we took the kids from Barooi, so many kids running around. My nephew had the Batman Symbol painted onto his whole face and my niece had a butterfly painted on her whole face, they both looked cute, but nice looked adorable. Of course like usual she treated me with little attention until she enjoyed being carried. We walked around for a little while and that was a fun, and as we were walking we kept stopping and saying hello to people.

It was nice for once to see so many normal and happy people enjoying themselves in Avenues, even when it was getting late. You usually see the riff raffs come out, but I’m assuming because the government schools are on vacation most of them are out of town.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Awal shay, im glad you had a gr8 time, il7amdila.
    About Blackberry part’s, check out my blog. You may find what your looking for. My email is also there if you need anything else.

  2. Your Saturday is a win compared to mine, mine was:

    1. Around 2:40am I went to sleep
    2. Got up around 8am
    3. Went to the co-op walking in the nice weather, bought something for breakfast then went back, read some newspapers in the garden then went upstairs
    4. Played Japanese video games which I couldn’t understand a word from on the PSP
    5. Watched anime
    6. Watched cosplays
    7. Made drawings for my account on deviantart
    8. Made cosplay video for my YouTube channel
    9. Watched darb el zalag
    10. Got hair cut around 8:30pm out of the blue and for no reason, well my hair got too long
    11. Bought chocolate cooler from Caribou Al-Raya
    12. Went back home, drank chocolate cooler while checking out Naruto fan art on deviantart and cosplay videos on YouTube while making more drawings
    13. Went to sleep around 3:40am

    God, I’m the definition of “too much free time”.

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