Chris Brown Punches Rihanna in the Face!!

Chris brown was arrested and bailed on $50,000 for punching Rhianna in the face!!!!! She called 911 and reported it, he ran away from the scene and police told him to surrender to police by midnight, he handed himself in at 7pm after meeting his lawyers!

According to sources and a Los Angeles Police Department report, at about 12:30 a.m. Sunday, Brown and a woman got into an argument in a rented Lamborghini after the pair left the pre-Grammy gala at the Beverly Hilton. Brown stopped the car in upscale Los Angeles neighborhood Hancock Park, the two got out, and the argument escalated.
A witness called 911 and a woman with visible injuries identified Chris Brown as her attacker. Brown had already left the scene by the time authorities arrived.

  • Sources say Rihanna’s face is “slightly bruised.” [ET]
  • This report says Rihanna had “multiple bruises” and was in the hospital but has been released. [NY Daily News]
  • Cops say that Chris Brown and “the woman” they are not identifying were arguing inside a vehicle after midnight on Saturday; they received a 911 call and when they arrived, they noticed that the woman had “visible injuries.” Brown had left the scene by the time police arrived. [TMZ]
  • The case is a felony and not a misdemeanor because of the visible injuries. [People]
  • The argument took place in a rented Lamborghini after a pre-Grammy gala at the Beverly Hilton. [Fox 411]


Link: E-Online

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  1. I found out about it late last night while he was still “on the run” and Rhianna was in hospital.

    Such a jackass! Why on earth would you EVER hit a women even if you were arguing!

    He’s on bail & she was seen in an LAPD unit so it is 100% her as the victim, she has very very visable bruising!

    Funny how there PR people went into a spin early last night by saying they got into a car crash and thats why they both wouldnt be attending the Grammy’s but then the truth started getting out!

    His career is over, I think!

  2. yolanda

    dats what she get so leave chris a lone

  3. chris

    i would have hit her too over herpes. kanye better get checked out too now. lol

  4. Cee Loc (Gardena)

    We’re worst the the news people. Lets just wait to see what really happen. Let cuz or lil momma get a chance to speake on what really went down. Unless one of you were in the car and saw what relly happen then speak on it. Until then let the sh** ride. Now I see why a whole lot of people are in jail, b-cuz of people like us who feed into this sh** and run with it. Let the 2 in question speak on what happen between em’ not us… Gaaaaaaar!!!!

  5. aimee

    she was like ‘shutup and drive’ then

    he was probs like ‘Ima take you down’

    and then she was like ‘SOS’


  6. jay love

    that was fucked up she has a blck face i knw her family is tiet

  7. maryam

    can we say “عطوهم عين” ;p

  8. Q80 In Denver

    what about the tatto? Laser removal? :p they should work it out :p

  9. chris brown is not a women beater his mom got beat on so why would he hit one he knows better and u peolpe who are out their that say he did it come see me cause he nice to any women he comes across cause mom do not play

  10. MsChrisBrown

    Thats exactly what that ho get i bet she`ll stay off of Chris`s dick now cause that ho is fucked up thats so good for her i couldnt be happier Karma is a mother fucker and what about that goldigger she can go right back to Barbadoes

  11. Devin

    Fuck that dirty bitch she deserved to get punched I would have done too, I don’t blame Chris brown. You whores gotta learn how to grow up and be at least an honest dirt bag bitch, tell a nigga what’s up be honest.

  12. Kara

    I dont care what happened…he should have never hit her….its fucked up no matter what!! aimme…i think thats ur name…u go ….everything u said was absolutely true…

  13. CandyKane

    Excuse me?
    Regardless if what is going on, he shouldn’t have hit her! it’s fucking weak to hit a woman if you’re a man whether she’s bugging the hell out of you?!
    he’s a jackass! what a tosser!

  14. smart

    4ck dem both

  15. Rania

    don’t we have a better thing to talk about ? who cares what happened

  16. woaaaaaaaaaah zook think you need to delete a few comments! these ppl musta googled the situation and your blog came up!

  17. lol ananyah as much as I agree things are getting out of hand here, I thought the comments were hilarious!!!! I’m home today, I keep checking every few hours to read the insane comments for entertainment. I dunno why but they seriously made me laugh :D

  18. b0mb$117

    lol wat a punany

  19. Yousef

    Poor chris =( his is career is over!!
    That’s what happen when you try OR even think to hurt Rihanna!!

  20. kearra

    hahahahahahahahaha rhianna poor child …..chris brown beat dat ass n den ……DID DAT RUN IT

  21. NoDramaPleaseLOL

    So what’s the latest? Did the argument have to do w/ RiRi cheating on Lil’ Chris? And what in the world does Kanye have to do w/ this mess? I’ll bet it has to do w/ Jay-Z! I’ll bet he agreed to leave B for RiRi and so she told Lil’ man she was out!!! Oh no! What about Beyonce’s unborn triplets????? LOL

  22. omg chris brown how could u im goin take down my pictures off my wall u a piece of shit man damn it

  23. anonymous

    You bitches are stupid!! 1) there is no proof as to whether or not the woman was Rhianna 2) there is no proof that the argument was over herpes transmission soooo…looking at the FACTS as reported by police reports, 1) this is a FELONY for harm done to a person first, a woman second

    THE POLICE REPORT summarizes that Chris Brown is charged with physical assault against a woman….this is not a 1 punch you’ll be okay sort of deal, this is a full out have to be taken to the hospital for damages ASSAULT!

    stop for a second and get smart young ladies (which I’m pretty positive are young URBAN BLACK females) sociology, psychology and every other social science in between has scientific research that supports the ideal that children (and yes 19 still makes you a child) exposed to domestic abuse, especially males, end up becoming domestic abusers too. He just had an early start.

    Who ever the woman is, i hope she presses charges, not that it matters because its a felony and he’ll be facing at least 9 years in prison if the courts find him guilty.

    Some of you should really, really, really, learn how to spell before you get online and let the whole world see how stupid you are.

    And to the young urban BLACK females that are writing these dumb, idiotic ass posts, that’s right, i am reiterating the fact that I’m 100% sure you bitches are ghetto hood rats: 1) invest in self-esteem, it’s that groupie mentality that lands your mothers in the hoe videos and 2) thinking the way you all do, you are all well on your way young whores in training to getting smacked around yourself one day.

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