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Who would have realized something so tasty could have a bad affect on you in a strange way. I usually have a few of these little Schmint boxes with me in the car or in my room. There was a period towards the beginning of last week that I would have at least two every hour or two, just pop them in and they are tasty and supposedly good for your teeth.

After a day I was having some bowl problems, I wasn’t sure why that was happening. I assumed I ate something that I wasn’t supposed to because I don’t feel like I caught a virus of sorts. This lasted for a few days, and I still couldn’t figure it out, I wasn’t feeling any pain, its was odd. My friend then tells me as we are driving to Shuweikh that I shouldn’t eat too many Schmints, I asked him why, he said the chemical that helps clean the teeth in that mint causes diarrhea when consumed too many times, since then I only eat it every once in a while and everything went back to normal. Who knew? There was no warning sticker on the back of that schmint, if I was in the states I would sue for millions!