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Recently my card was red flagged for having suspicious use, it seems my card security was compromised in Dubai. Unluckily for me, they locked my account without any notification while I took off to the states. I wasn’t aware of all this. I tried using my check card a few times while I abroad and it kept getting rejected, and calling Kuwait from abroad is a bit difficult. After calling they told me that my card was copied in Dubai somehow and unauthorized amount was taken from the account, yet I wasn’t notified. I could only withdraw after I make a phone call and waiting for them to open the account. I manage to work with that and the accept the situation.

When I came back, I went to the branch which had my new card waiting. When I went they told me it was canceled because it has been there for a month, so I have to wait about 3 days for a new one, but it wasn’t ready except after 10 days. I don’t know where these banks print their credit cards, but can’t they expedite these cards? Nobody has offered a service to print cards faster for banks?

Not having access to your money isn’t the worst of it in my opinion, changing your online login is the worst part. I logged in and I could no longer perform any online service without having to reorder an ePin and wait three days. Seriously the banks in Kuwait could not think of making this a simpler experience.

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  1. Tell me about it…I had similar issues with my NBK card too but it was just that they were approving my credit cards but then not issuing them to me. I had to run around a few times and finally found a person who could help me out with the problem. She followed up all the way and I just got a call after 2 months yesterday that my card will be delivered to me today!!! I wont be surprised if something goes wrong on its way to delivering it to me…

  2. s.

    BKME’s card (the new ones with chips) get printed out immediately… I don’t know why NBK can’t use the same methods to print their cards.

    BKME sucks, sadly…

  3. Marzoug,

    the only reason NBK or any other bank for not managing this properly is because the number of clients was huge.

    You have to realize that this is a long process.

    1- card suspected.
    2- Halt each and every card suspected.
    3- Try to send an SMS to notify, Numbers are old or incorrect, changed.
    4- Distribute these cards to the branches.
    5- Arrange cards on Civil ID number.
    6- Reach your target, do your sales, contact everybody and do everything just like nothing is there.

    I do not in anyway shape or form work for NBK But i do know the procedure.

  4. About the BKME thing, its not secure, thats why all these BIG banks are not doing it.

  5. Laialy_q8

    I know what you mean … going to the bank seems like it requires so much effort

  6. exact thing happened to me last summer, my credit card was canceled

    and just last week i found out ~150KD from my credit card consumed in a website,, got it canceled

  7. mostawa nbk keeps going dowwn dowwwn dowwwnn

    from ad to worse

  8. Komsomol

    The real problems lies in the lack of operational procedures to deal with events like this, this is the first time major banks had to deal with a sudden small amount of CCs being compromised and they had no procedure written up to follow in these cases.

    As a standard most cards in Kuwait are constantly being printed, for expirations, new accounts, offers, replacements and so on. They are usually given in bulk to branchs for distributions. They are never organized properly. There is little management dedicated towards assuring card operations. Thus the whole system is fucked up.

  9. M

    My card was canceled too but i think they did the right thing… id rather have it canceled then find out that someone was stealing my money. NBK’s customer service is rated as one of the best in the middle east sure there might be some mix ups here and there but no ones perfect. One things for sure id rather be an NBK costumer then any other bank in Kuwait.

  10. Cards

    well they did post information abt the smart chip cards on their website… and that was in august 2008 i remember noticing it + they notified customers too about the updates regarding the new cards (if your contact details havnt been updated thats your fault) and well i didnt get any notification sms mainly i mean for collection of my card but a call instead and was told to collect it when ever possible!

    about where the cards are printed let that remain as a mystery :D I know where and how and who but…. too much info is bad for you guys :D

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