Review: Netgear Wireless N Access Point

I have to say that I am a fan of Netgear products, I needed an Access Point for our floor which would be able to cover this floor a little better then the other one. This would be connected to the router which has the KEMS connection.

The configuration on this Access Point is really simple, and Netgear has made the configuration screen as simple as possible with a lot of options. It does have a powerful signal once its all configured, I tried the security configuration and worked fine, but I prefer blocking by MAC address rather then Encryption.

All is great if it kept working, the problem is that this is the second access point of this kind that has failed from Netgear. I have sent one before for an RMA, and received this one, yet this one also failed. I do like Netgear products but their consumer line is lacking, their ProSafe line is excellent though. For now I am sticking to a D-Link Access Point which is doing the job excellently without any issues.


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  1. I loved Netgear I tried their Wireless router and it was awesome I got full signal strength in areas in the house that I never dreamed of, however when a last update of Windows XP came out it kind of broke the Wired Connections and wouldn’t assign DHCP IPs for those connected via Ethernet, so I went back to Linksys :/

    Want a solution for that :/

  2. I hate almost all the “home” network devices from all companies. There’s always something that doesn’t quite work about them :/

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