The Transformers’ Devastator

This is an interesting evolution comparison between one of the most powerful of the Decepticons. This is Devastator after 23 years, and I have to say he is different and I didn’t even know he is coming up in the new Transformers 2 movie. I wondering what are the machines that combine to make the new Devastator, but I am a fan of the old Devastator. (Click on the picture for  a larger image)

Link: Gizmodo

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks hollywood turned robots into just moving scraps of metal all scrunched up together?

  2. june12kill

    yes, you are. you have to give them some credit, in order for them to make devastator they would have had to do six constructicons which isn’t an easy task and then creating devastator all with CGI.

  3. june12kill

    by the way for the uploader of the image, according to the old school cartoons devastator formed of hook, bonecrusher, scavenger, scrapper, long haul and mix-master. If they’re accurate in the movie we should see all six. (let’s all hope we do)

  4. CraxyD

    I grew up with old school Devastator but I’m gonna keep an open mind with the new one when I go see the movie @ 00:20 tonight with my 12y/o daughter. She loved the first one & she wants to see RotF almost as much as I do.

  5. Jinks

    Who cares about the old school…I just saw the movie and it’s amazing. I grew up with the old transformers and I could care less. I loved it!

  6. rsuryase

    it’s an alien movie, so most robots will have to look like aliens, reptilian-like, just take a look at the Fallen. The autobots are the only one that has colors, most decepticons are plain metal color.

  7. Go get run over by a car

    Jeez Danielle Michel is on steroids.

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