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Network Busy …. PERIOD!

I went to Dubai for exactly 24 hrs, went to a few meetings on Thursday morning and afternoon. Had a very late lunch, then a late dinner. It was a very short trip and came back the next night on Friday.

Throughout my whole stay I wasn’t able to call anyone on their mobile from Dubai. I thought something was wrong with my line, I remembering paying a hefty bill. I could call Kuwait landlines, any Emirati number, everything except Kuwaiti mobile numbers. I could text people but I couldn’t call them, I kept getting network busy for the full 24 hours. It was extremely annoying, I couldn’t figure out what was the problem. Anyone trying to call me or any of the people with me in Dubai got a network busy tone as well. I met a lot of Kuwaiti people who were in Dubai, and it seems they were suffering the same problem. The problem could be from Zain or Etisalat but there was no other indication of problems. Still it was extremely annoying and nothing that could be done for the whole time there, I hope this gets resolved.