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Review: Wataniya Airlines

Took the Wataniya Airline flight at 8 am going to Dubai. Drove to the new airport in Sabhan, Sheikh Sa’ad Airport, you can easily get to it and the signs are clear. The best part is not going through all the hassle of the old airport, I walked right through, they asked if I was first or economy. Took me right to the check in counter, and then right into the lounge. The lounge is very large, I preferred sitting at the lounge which had a view on the runway even though the weather was bad.

The Good:

  • I like the color scheme of the airlines
  • Very large and comfortable lounge
  • Very helpful staff, even if they are lacking experience, they do make an effort
  • Check-in process was smooth
  • Transport from the airport to the plane was through Mercedes Van
  • Great Entertainment System
  • Good Selection of Games
  • Audio Selection (Music, Pop, Arabic, Quran)
  • TV Series on demand works but they need a larger selection
  • News, Sports, and Documentaries were good too
  • Aux Input (iPod)
  • A/C Connection (Connecting my laptop for the duration of the flight watching items on the laptop)
  • Noise Canceling Headphones
  • Great Flight Info
  • Over a well designed and clean entertainment system
  • Decent Food (Needs some work)
  • Friendly Staff on the plane
  • Texting (Can be used on flight, but there are still glitches which need to be ironed out)

The Bad:

  • Phone booking mix ups, morning flight instead of evening flight, or the other way around
  • 118 isn’t always accessible for bookings
  • No possible way to upgrade at the counter in Dubai or on the plane, can only be done in Kuwait (Based on interacting with the staff)
  • More content is needed for the Entertainment System
  • Ground staff needs a little more experience at the check-in


I think people are tired of the selection we have at Kuwait Airport, opening a new airport on its own is probably the best move they did. Its a premium airlines for medium to short haul flights which is filling an important gap due to the horrible service of Kuwait Airways, and their decaying fleet of planes. An airlines which has a huge amount of potential if they can keep their service at this level. They are lacking in experience and coherence, but they make for it in effort. There are still a few bumps to iron out, but the it isn’t a complete roll out yet. They will be opening up to the other routes, and at some point in time they will have internet on the plane. The lounge is amazing and very comfortable, the service in the lounge was fantastic, I wasn’t left alone at any point in time and if I was making a phone call they would leave the room to give me privacy. You are greeted by Marhaba service in Dubai which is a nice touch by I think it its unnecessary for the arrival, I think they need it for the departure rather then arrival. I am definitely going to fly Wataniya Airlines on any of the routes they open if I need to, I just hope they have a milage program soon.

These couches are so comfortable, I would have laid across if I didn’t have a short time until boarding.

This seems to be my travel book, I am loving the story but I only seem to read it when I’m traveling. I think I want to finish it, its getting really interesting.

Power plugs for all kinds of wires, and then there are the A/V inputs.

The seats are decently comfortable, the back leans back a decent amount, and I managed to get a good amoutn of sleep on the morning and night flight.

Watching music videos, and listening to it while typing away on my text pad from blogs that I was reading from Google Gears.