Embody by Herman Miller

The Herman Miller chair is known for being the coolest and most comfortable chair, and this is the same for the new HM Embody chair. The support on the back can be adjusted to provide the right of support, the functional design of this chair is excellent with just a few controls which make is simple for all the different kinds of adjustment. As usual with these chairs the build quality is unquestionable for their flagship chair, and I would assume so for $1600.

Link: HermanMiller

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  1. Laialy_q8

    looking at this chair while i am at works makes me think the company should invest in better chairs for the employees :p

  2. i need this chair for the clinic

    my back is killing me!

  3. I love the design. I have the Aeron which was expensive but worth every penny.

  4. Ergoguy

    Hm has a long history of valuing form over function. Unfortunately, its an idea that too many interior designers and office managers buy into. At least until their employees start trading out the $1k+ Aerons they bought for the crappy office chairs they had before because the Aeron is unbearable to sit in for 8 hours a day. The AERON has long been a running joke among ergonomists and PT’s. Its simply not designed to be ergonomic, its designed to be cheap to manufacture and “stylish,” but calling it “Ergonomic” justifies the price tag.

    There are MANY reviews all over the internet on this chair, but NOONE seems to have actually sat in it, which is its primary function. Would you post a review of a laptop based solely on what the case looked like? Of course not.. This is no less ludicrous. Makes you wonder what kind of incentives HM is offering for these glowing reviews.

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