Ministry Of Communication VoiP Gateway

Over the past couple of months I have started getting these numbers below for most of the international calls I’m receiving. This is points out to the Voip Gateway that M.O.C is installing and using, meaning they are using Voice over IP for our international calls instead of the traditional methods, which cost a fraction of the price for the Ministry yet they still charge us the those ridiculous pricing per minute, and their billing is usually completely wrong.

  • 22263060
  • 22256891
  • 22260790
  • 222xxxxx

Calling into Kuwait from any country is usually a hassle, you get the voice saying “All calls to this country are busy now, please try later”. It happens where ever I am, for some reason they haven’t managed to improve the countries infrastructure over the past 20 years but they have managed to start using Voip and not implement it correctly or smoothly. Our Communications systems need a major overhaul and a real maintenance plan, not just fixing it when its broken. Its funny, MOC gets to use Voip for its personal use but makes it illegal to use in our country, and most of the electronic (Computer/Network oriented) items are always held at customs due to this stupid rule. We have too many idiots working in MOC with little to no working knowledge of Telecom or Network systems.

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  1. Glen

    This totally sucks… I too have been getting al ot of international calls and they all display local numbers… They charge us high international calling charges plus do their best to block other means of making cheaper calls over VOIP like Skype, etc… Hypocrites

  2. walla u r absolutely right!!
    bs ana elli widdi a3arfa mako 6areeqa nista’7dimha 4 international calls if we were abroad ‘3ir skype o rab3a especially if i dont have internet connection
    walla 9arat el calls 7adda ma9raf!!!

  3. It sucks big time…I am missing on alot of international calls and often ent up not knowing who the caller was!

  4. It sucks big time…I am missing on alot of international calls and often end up not knowing who the caller was!

  5. I don’t think it’s the MOC that’s using this, it might be some local company that set up an illegal termination network

  6. sfsa78

    i too get all calls from london through these strange 222/// numbers!!!?!

  7. mocman

    dude.. the 222xxxxx numbers belong to either qnet or fasttelco… they rent out isdn lines to companies and its those companies that are doing the voip… MOC is just too damn stupid to anything like this.

  8. Haque

    I think this is because they have lifted the incoming charge from which they were making damn hell of profit, and now its gone so I think they are looking any alternate. But its time to understand that this is the right profit ratio they have to accept.

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