QNET 7MB Connection

For three weeks I have been putting my 7MB connection through the hoops. Downloading at full capacity, streaming HD content while making simultaneous downloads and uploads.

This is an example of the connection going with multiple downloads working, as you can see it peaks around 900 – 960 Kbps, when the connection was 4MB I was constantly downloading at 400 to 500 Kbps, with 7MB I’m getting a little bit more but not as stable as before. The downloads average range from 700 to 850 Kbps, but still its a lot more then before. Qnet has managed to provide a really good stable connection at this speed, meaning it doesn’t disconnect but it does slow down sometimes. I think they are working out some kinks but these speeds are pretty good for Kuwait. Now to wait for ADSL2 which is coming sometime over the next year or two to increase our bandwidth with our current MOC setup.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Laialy_q8

    can you send some of that bandwidth our way?!

  2. Purgatory

    So you are the one taking away our bandwidth!!

  3. Wanasa. I think we only have 1mb lol and madri shfi it stopped downloading too :(

  4. you bastard ! we are having connection problem to all site and it seem you are the reason !! :P

  5. Komsomol

    What the hell? Everyone else on Qnet is having massive connection issues now with torrents being blocked out.

    Seems like if you are one of the people upgraded they don’t cap your service like they did for other older subscribers.


  6. Laialy: lol!

    Purg: Wish that was the case! hahaha

    Mathai: lol

    Miss-Informed: There is a connection problem with Dubai righ tnow!

    Forzaq8: hahahaha! I wish that was the case!

    Komsomol: Typical what exactly? I was having connection problems too but that chart is only to show case the throughput. If you get a 7MB connection and your line can handle it then you can get this, if your line can’t then you are limited by the physical medium.

  7. Banak o Nigil

    Komsomol has a thyroid problem :D

  8. Marzouq, I heard that they’re setting up fiber optics cables in some areas are you on one of these cables?

  9. Komsomol:
    Marzouq isn’t downloading torrents .. stop trying to make it sound like preferential treatment.

  10. Give me your address and install a public access point, I have some stuff I need to finish downloading :P

  11. Komsomol

    Psh stop defending Qualitynet, its not a saint. It’s a firm that has no idea how to treat its customers properly. They don’t even bother placing a time table for repairs or inform customers what is the problem exactly.

  12. wait there is a problem with torrents and qnet? I’ve been having trouble downloading lately and it’s killing me :(

  13. Jacqui… Same here… but i found a solution

    i subscribed for furk.net. for 9 Euros, you get a month of Premium downloads..

    So i add the torrent to download. they download it over their servers. Once its ready, they mail you. you download it from them over HTTP…pure port 80.

    good thing is many people have already requested them to dowload the latest torrents, so you just run a search, and you have it instantly. ..

  14. Somehow the above topic, came in jacqui’s name…. when i had posted it.

  15. Bader

    Actually Marzouq, Some ISPs in Kuwait are already offering ADSL2+ which in the best cases will provide more than 20MB download and about 1MB upload depending the line quality of course. But the thing to wait isn’t ADSL2. It’s GPON. Once GPON reaches Mishref, you will have no connection issues and bandwidth will depend on how deep your pocket goes . Every house will have a Fiber cable connected to its Main Box and from that you will connect a Broadband Router. DSL will die within the next 5 years. GPON will offer more than just Internet. I hope that some ISP in Kuwait will start to offer cable TV. Now that’s something to look forward to.

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