Street Fighter IV Reviewed!

Who isn’t a fan of Street Fighter! I love those games and I only watched the Anime series because of those games. Many games spawned after Street Fighter but none could copy it. This review by wired magazine is getting me excited, simply enough the graphics are amazing the gameplay is fantastic, they have simplified it just like the old days and there are the complex moves so you can annihilate people once you get the combination going you are unstoppable.

It will be on sale in Rihab for around 25 KD to 35 KD, depending on the regular or special edition.

Link: Wired

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  1. believe it or not it already got released in RIhab last week for 23KD! (before the official release date)

  2. The PS3 was out last week, but the XBox 360 wasn’t I walked around and asked! I’m killing for it!

  3. IS-F Man (ALD)

    Dude you got me excited I thought you already played it, let me know how you like it when you play the game :D

  4. It’s everything Capcom promised, and then some more.

  5. meh

    18KD for PS3, which has a better D-Pad for SFIV.

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