MacGyver Tries a Reading Lamp

Now this guy gets creative with a mirror and a couple of LED lights to make for an interesting lamp. It seems he has created something creative before, iPod speakers out of some random materials. This idea though can be made into an interesting product for sure.

Link: YankoDesign

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hacking house tools and devices is always fun. If you know what you’re doing that is lol

  2. Finally! The whole morning I was trying to remember the youtube link for the crazy house hacker. This post reminded me of him. This guy is nuts and very creative he uses all sorts of house tools: spoons, plates, aluminum foil, cans and hacks them into other stuff. He even created a telephone from a bunch of wires and tubes.

    I watched a few of them and they were really smart & funny.

  3. Q80 In Denver

    hmm interesting..

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