Micorsoft UK & Halo Wars Marketing Idea

It seems Microsoft UK has gone down an interesting road in its PR campaign for Halo Wars. A little skin of the “Biggest” Halo fan in the UK with a Halo Wars tank top isn’t the smartest thing in the world. It seems a well planned PR campaign went down the drain, and its not that men won’t like this but they aren’t giving gamers the credit they deserve, some skin doesn’t even sell more games, its the content and the quality of the game. You would think they would know that from Gears of War, Gears of War 2, and Halo 3 which are still chart toppers and keeps people playing XBox 360. For more on the entertaining article click the link below.

Also I think it would be good if Amanda would hold the controller to the screen, at least make her look like she knows how to fire a rocket launcher or stick a grenade to the enemy!

Link: UKResistance

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  1. L

    Her feet look extremely weird in the second picture :S

  2. Omar

    LOL, I was just about to say the same thing, they look HUGE!

  3. Looks like Microsoft is aiming for the nerdy (virgin) players with this advertisement stunt, it wont make a difference to the hard core Halo fans out there.
    @ L, her legs look weird coz they’ve used a wide angle lens for the shot

  4. Amu

    i totally agree with what u said about the last pic…it just looks so fake!

  5. q80

    her feet are freakin HUGE, and her face is nasty..

  6. I think it’s pointless :/
    Halo Wars is obviously targeted towards already Halo players and fans.

  7. Andrew lester

    No wounder it didnt sell as well as the others you idiots arnt looking at whats in the picture!

  8. RICKY

    she fine as hell.. half u mofo’s wish u could do that good!

  9. ernist jones

    the only thing im not looking at is the girl lol master cheif helmet ftw =)

  10. wolflily

    I dont care what the girl looks like one. and two who cares we are all beautiful inside and if your not shallow,we look beautiful on the out side to.yes her feet look big , so what two its the fish eye effect and three she seems nice and since i dont know her i wont juge! p.s i LOVE GEARS!!!!!!

  11. raffymarks

    how can she see the screen ??

  12. ZACK

    shes not even playing, you can tell by the fact that the screen on both the second and third picture are the same

  13. Chad

    the first picture is the only right one, aka woman in the kitchen lol

  14. adam

    you’re all idiots the chick is hot as hell and halo wars is pretty bad ass but i have to say i like grears alittle more!!!!(cant wait forhalo 4!!!!)

  15. HALOfan

    Legs too big ? who cares, just put her legs on your shoulders and you good to go.

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