RollsRoyce 200EX

A vehicle from Rolls Royce which is causing ripples in the water. A different look and probably with a high price tag. A new V12 will be in this machine, but details aren’t out yet. I like the front look of this car, it looks like its squinting. The one thing I don’t like about these cars is how the back doors open and how hard it is to get into the car, but I probablyl won’t ever be getting into one of those cars.

Link: Autoblog

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  1. Zahed

    nice trade in your Lada

  2. lfc-q8

    this is a small version of the phantom its build on the new bmw 7 seires chasses

  3. tartooob

    dam thats hot !

  4. David Teng Pong

    200EX looks less sleepy than it’s predesessor The Phantom!

  5. David Teng Pong

    I did not leave the comment “dam that’s hot!” on March 2nd 2009 in your website. It is simply not the language I would use. This is giving your website credibility problem. David Teng Pong

  6. David: I’m not sure what you are looking at but your comment on March 2nd is “200EX looks less sleepy than it’s predesessor The Phantom!”

    The comment you mentioned is for the person above you, Tartoob to be exact

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