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Yahoo Widgets, Killing Me Softly

I like the available widgets available from Yahoo Widgets, so I run a few widgets on my machine. A machine running Windows XP Pro, 2 GB, Quad Core Processor, and a good amount of space. This is the machine that I mainly use, opening about 3-4 windows with 20 – 30 tabs each, running my ftp program, extracting files, and all the other multi-tasking that I do. I usually keep it on for weeks, but I noticed that recently my computer gets heavy after some time. I restarted the machine, defragmented all the hard drives, cleaned out the cache assuming that things will be running smoothly, a week later it got really slow for no reason. I checked out the running processes and Yahoo Widgets was hogging about 25% of the Ram which caused the huge slowdown, once I killed the application/process it was running smoothly. I do get annoyed that it hogs so much memory after running for a while, but I still use it and restart it more often, I think they should find a solution for that. (Click picture for a larger version)