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Proud To Be Kuwaiti

Now this turned out to be an interesting event, I knew a lot of people were going to go. But that wasn’t the case, I think all of Kuwait was in that small hall. The event opened up around 5:30 pm, I got there around 6:30 pm and there was barely enough room to walk.

There are three rows with multiple shops in each row, it reminded me of the old Kuwait streets with shops and open stalls. With the room split in half you can choose which side to walk first. I kept stopping at different stalls taking pictures and turns out a lot of people I know had stalls there. It was a great show of the different talent in Kuwait and all the different types of stores. There were clothing stores, catering, sandwich, chocolate, design, furniture design, hobby shop (R/C Cars, Planes, & Boats), Extreme Sports, Technology Design Firms, Cinematography, Exhibition Studios, Fine Arts, Publications, Photography, and the list goes on. Honestly I was surprisingly amazed from all these talented people, and the creative booths. I think even for the second year this expo has outgrown the size of that hall. There were a lot of nice booths with creative designs, and the best part were the amount of charismatic people. I think the make up booths were lost on me, but you could see all the girls piled up there. It got a little crowded later on, so I would recommend people to go as early as possible and it shouldn’t be missed.

I also snapped a funny photo of one of the event organizers who was confused by some wiring problem up above. On another note be aware that there are over 50 photos to this post, so it might take some time to load.