Proud To Be Kuwaiti

Now this turned out to be an interesting event, I knew a lot of people were going to go. But that wasn’t the case, I think all of Kuwait was in that small hall. The event opened up around 5:30 pm, I got there around 6:30 pm and there was barely enough room to walk.

There are three rows with multiple shops in each row, it reminded me of the old Kuwait streets with shops and open stalls. With the room split in half you can choose which side to walk first. I kept stopping at different stalls taking pictures and turns out a lot of people I know had stalls there. It was a great show of the different talent in Kuwait and all the different types of stores. There were clothing stores, catering, sandwich, chocolate, design, furniture design, hobby shop (R/C Cars, Planes, & Boats), Extreme Sports, Technology Design Firms, Cinematography, Exhibition Studios, Fine Arts, Publications, Photography, and the list goes on. Honestly I was surprisingly amazed from all these talented people, and the creative booths. I think even for the second year this expo has outgrown the size of that hall. There were a lot of nice booths with creative designs, and the best part were the amount of charismatic people. I think the make up booths were lost on me, but you could see all the girls piled up there. It got a little crowded later on, so I would recommend people to go as early as possible and it shouldn’t be missed.

I also snapped a funny photo of one of the event organizers who was confused by some wiring problem up above. On another note be aware that there are over 50 photos to this post, so it might take some time to load.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. WOW! i see mannyy familiar faces! cant wait for today ,
    great coverage!

  2. cinamania

    wow!! mashala ,,what a huge crowd:) did anyone actually buy anything? cuz it seems that they are all just walking around;p

  3. Laialy_q8

    i so need to go -_-

  4. niiiiiiice shots!
    was there and went out after 30 mins it was so crowded that i could not bare it! today will go for round two but earlier because there were a loooooot of interesting things!

  5. they should have made it more than two days if its going to get crowded that much

    Still i see many companies that does not fit of what i understood P2BK about , Ford ? Car Rental ? Marine ?

  6. it was the i-can’t-breath sorta crowded. i mean, it’s great that it was successful and all but i felt like i needed to be there extremely early or late to actually see what’s being exhibited. i did manage to grab a jar of cookies, but i didn’t get my essential cupcake…yum…

  7. Hi Marzouq. Just wanted to ask your permission to “steal” the photo with the sushi flag on it.

    Ah what the hell I already stole it and put it on my blog. Hope you don’t mind! Pretty pretty please!! :D

  8. i spotted me (or part of me) in one of the pictures above LOOOOOL :P did you try any of the foods there????

  9. Abdulrahman: yup

    Dee: You will enjoy it!

    cinamania: It seems some people were buying, and some people wanted to get their products out. I think overall its good for publicity’s sake.

    Laialy: You should!

    Q80-ChillGirl: Thanks, but not as good as I wanted! I’m going to try to go early again!

    forzaq8: I think they should choose a larger venue and a larger area, but the other companies are some of the sponsers of the event.

    erzulie: I agree it was really crowded, going to try to go earlier if I can get done with things!

    Alf Laila: lol! The photo is all yours!

    Ray Boy: Thanks, I think they are decent but I wanted to take better pictures

    Kharbota: lol! I didn’t try too many foods because those places were crowded!

  10. Hamed Dashti

    dude i didnt knowe ur going to use the photo in the blog!;p chan i used my charming smile rather than looking up, yalla hope you enjoyed ur time at the event

  11. That Kuwaiti-Sushi-Flag is from Sushi KW… I have a similar picture

  12. Thanks for posting this Marzouq, so many students here in the states heard about it and were talking about it so Im glad you showed us pictures.=) Its ridiculous how many people I recognized from those photos.

  13. Nawara

    I don’t think the pictures are very good. I cannot lie.

  14. fereej: alah e3afeech!

    Hamed: I told you! You knew the consequences!

    Ansam: lol!

    Noon: I’m happy you guys could see, I just wish I could have taken more pictures, it was too crowded!

    Nawara: I don’t think they were good either! You work with what you’ve got, and these are the limits of my photography skills as well as all the craziness in the event!

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