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New Canon Video Cameras

I have been looking at Video cameras for a while now, I want to start making some videos. The main point is clarity and I would be able to mount it to a moving vehicle. From what I understood hard drives aren’t a good idea except if they are solid state or flash drives because the vibrations would damage the hard drive. At this point I’m looking at the cameras with flash drives or DV tape, and then I would need the editing skills to make interesting short clips. The prices are varying for sure, click the link for more information on the camera. The flash drive versions are the top most expensive ones, so I would probably be looking at other options and waiting for a few reviews to come out.

  • Vixia HF S10: $1,299.99, early March
  • Vixia HF S100: 1,099.99, early March
  • Vixia HF20: $899.99, early April
  • Vixia HF200: $749.99, early April
  • Vixia HV40: $999.99, early June
  • FS22: $599.99, mid April
  • FS21: $329.99, early April
  • DC420: $369.99, early April
  • DC410, $299.99, early April
  • ZR960: $249.99, early April

Link: Gizmodo

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