Last Windows News

I’m always on the look out for major news from Windows since they have some improvements on the way. I’m planning to install Windows 7 on one of my machines, but I have honestly been to lazy to work on it but I know I will over the next couple of weeks. Also I have been using Vista for some time and I have to say that its pretty good and a lot of the improvements have been great in comparison to when it was first released.

  • Windows 7 will be release in September
  • Vista SP2 Patch will be released soon (I’m hoping very soon)
  • A slim version of Windows 7 will be made for Netbooks, going to be interesting how good its going to be since preliminary reports say that the normal Windows 7 works great with the current line of Netbooks.

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  1. I seriously cant wait for the WIN 7 VS SNOW Leopard saga ;P

  2. tartooob

    You gonna love windows 7, its freaking fast and stable as hell, I have installed it on a old pc and laptop, both had windows xp sp3 wish is the most stable version of windows currently and I gotta say, windows 7 blows them away, put in mind that in a conference, windows 7 ultimate was running perfectly and smoothly on an ASUS netbook with 1 gb ram only lol

    Note: Anything that works on vista will work on 7

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