100 Epos Cards

I don’t know what exactly is the concept behind all these credit cards, but all I know is that they are very cool. I think a bank in Japan had 100 different designers make all these different cards, I’m not sure whats the reason but wouldn’t it be cool that some of these cards really be made for the consumer. I doubt a bank in Kuwait would think of doing something like this.

Link: EposCards

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  1. it is basically a project between EPOS International, VISA, and MAURAI CO (which is Japan’s leading fashion store). As you mentioned … 100 designers worldwide were invited to participate…

    the cards were launched in October 2008 and available till i believe September 2009 !

    you know what would be more interesting… if a person can create his own design on his visa card… everyone with his or her own personal design …

  2. A friend of mine told me that they do that in Bobyan Bank.

  3. walla i suggested this idea once to a bank here
    bs they laughed at me :@
    they said, hey this is a bank CC not a game!!!

  4. Laialy_q8

    those look awesome

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