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Food Urge

I have been busy with some family stuff the whole weekend, and coming back home exhausted after a long day. I have this urge once I get home to pass out by 7 or 8 pm but then my stomach growls and I can’t really think straight.

The case in point being right now, the only thing I can think of is food and not any food, specifically junk food. I’m craving McDonalds, Burger King, or something on that level. I keep thinking about Chicken Nuggets or the Fries or Double Cheese Burger. This would entail me driving to a location to get the food, even though I am lazy as hell right now and my brain is nonfunctional. I love the feeling when you first open the bag and you get that smell but I know I’m doing damage to my digestive tract later on in the day, but that really doesn’t stop me from taking the initial bight. I’m even writing this when I’m half dazed and half hungry, and something in between.