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Melrose Place Coming Back

Due to the huge success of the 90210 remake it seems the studios are now thinking about bringing back some other shows, and one which has been green lighted is Melrose Place! I remember watching this show on and off when I was a kid, it was a complex story of relationships which I didn’t get but even as a kid I knew that some of these women were hot. This is when I remember falling for Heather Locklear even though I’m not a blonde type of guy. There were a lot of hot women in this show and nobody realized it back then, things have really changed for the TV industry for the past decade and half. Who even remembers Alyssa Milano on that show, and she was hot back then and ridiculously hot now. Who even knew that Kristin Davis from Sex & The City was originally from Melrose Place. That show had a number of hot women, and the men were only tools of those women, I keep reiterating the fact that they are hot but it still isn’t enough. I wonder which cast they would pick for the remake, because they have to be very mean and scheming as well as good looking just like the original women. 

Link: Complex