Amazon MP3 – Geo Filtering

This MP3 service from Amazon came out quarter 3 of 2007 and I think it has been very successful with the DRM-Free Music. They have improved their selection as well as provided a better way of going though the music and suggested searches.

After all this progress they are now implementing Geo Filtering sales, so songs can only be bought and downloaded through US locations. Meaning you have to be in the US to buy from Mp3 Amazon which is a bad idea in my opinion. This might be from the Music Industry and not from Amazon, but luckily we can still buy and download from iTunes DRM Free music with iTunes Plus.

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  1. I don’t think this is done by Amazon because they want to. It’s more likely that the record companies are the ones doing this due to licensing.

    A record company could license a singer’s collection to another company in another country, but if the original company is to provide the music for free, it doesn’t mean those in the other country can get it.

  2. Laialy_q8

    man, this is getting out of hand. The same thing happens with youtube! internet was supposed to help us connect to the rest of the world, not disconnect us!

  3. Q80 In Denver

    You’re Kidding! I just downloaded songs last week from amazon! Dammit!

  4. MBH: I can understand it would be from the companies, but they would be dumb too!

    Laialy: Very true, and this just gets annoying!

    Q80 In Denver: I’m not, I just downloaded last week and it worked fine. I just tried it yesterday and this came up!

  5. Q80 In Denver: If you downloaded last week you can download now, this geo filtering has been active for a few months now. I think its based on your credit card not IP location. You could try it and see, try downloading a song u purchased with a US credit card while using your regular Kuwait connection. If it works it means its credit card based. If not try using your US credit card but go through a US based VPN.

  6. Mark: That hasn’t been the case with me, I am using a US Credit for all purchases and this came out for me even though I have a US Credit card, and I purchased the song last week no problem but yesterday I had an issue.

  7. Licenses only allow you to sell to Americans

  8. tartooob

    Am sorry but who buys music ? lol mashy sh’3el :P

  9. tartooob

    Am sorry but who buys music ? lol mashy sh’3el :P
    Pirates 4 life ?

  10. Ahmad

    I’m surprised to hear that they *just* implemented geo-filtering. I have not been able to buy from this service since it launched for this same reason.

    Is it that they’re not checking the ip as well?

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