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Fifth Gear & Jebel Hafeet

Can we say Nurenberg Ring of Abu Dhabi or the best drive way in the world. 60 corners and 7.3 miles long, this is one fun road to drive up. Fifth gear seemed to enjoy themselves on this road, its strange I have never heard of Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road. At the top there is one Palace belonging to the Royal Family which seems uninhabitated, and a large parking lot for doughnuts and a basic road side cafe at the top. Its the same way to go up and the same way to go down, I wouldn’t mind trying this road out, the next time I’m in Abu Dhabi, too bad we don’t have fun roads like this in Kuwait. Perfectly paved, no turns off, and wide enough to have fun. Check out the youtube video at the link.

Link: Jalopnik