A Bigger iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is an amazing product, with all the different applications available it seriously very useful. The one problem I’m facing now is that the 32 GB is not enough if you plan on putting videos on your iPod Touch. The one thing I do enjoy is watching music videos, there are so many good music videos to download and watch, it gives the music a different flavor and recently that has been filling up my iPod, so a larger one is needed. Can’t they make a 64 GB iPod touch and keep it as thin as it is, i just love its size.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Is that picture taken by you Zook? How did you change the bottom icons?!

  2. Laialy_q8

    you are too demanding :p

  3. Daddyz Girl

    I’m dying to get it except that I extremely refuse to down size my Ipod memory, plus I already have couple of Ipods/ Nanos which r useless if it’s not the memory u require, but seriously am crazy about Ipods BEST INVENTION ever :)

    And I still have hope they launch Ipod Touch 60 or 80 GB soon … cross ur fingers :P

  4. Jam3iiya(L)

    first generation or second?

  5. iAddicted

    Miss-Informed all you have to do is hold down on any application for 3 second until you see the X’s and they all start to wobble then you can drag any app to any location that you want including moving the ones such as music and pictures up and any app you want down to the bottom location :) i was very glad when i figured this out

  6. Just wait for this summer, there have to be some new Apple improvements.

  7. Hey! make sure itunes didnt duplicate any thing on your ipod I found out I had massive copys of music and video useing up my storage space TV shows podcasts any duplications on your computer are fair game to itunes

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