Bluetooth in Cars

Most care have this feature in them these days, you can connect your phone through the bluetooth system in the car. When you are on the other end of the phone it feels like there is a lot of space between you and them when they are using the bluetooth system of a car, headsets are pretty good these days, but some cars do have it right. Personally I don’t like using bluetooth systems which are integrated into the cars for one main fact, I listen to music at a high volume. If thats the case then you will hate every time someone calls, because the sound system is going to ring at a very HIGH volume, which might disorient some people, and you will be annoyed. I have tried it a few times, and I just decided never to use it, its really annoying when the phone rings in the middle of a good song.

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  1. i totally agree with you. Especially when someone like dad is with me in the car. My friends feel im stuck so they get all nasty, so i have to shut them up, while dad is chuckling on the side ;P

    On the other hand, when it rings, it does not go to the same level of music, its a bit lower, i think you can control the volume too.

    Off topic i know, but Blackberry’s sync well with car. Flawless.

  2. Glen

    Hey Abdullah… I’d Agree with you… Blackberry syncs really well with the car… Its the best :)

  3. Using the bluetooth feature is good if you’re alone, but not if someone else is with you. There’s no privacy!

  4. meh

    In some cars the music volume is seperate from ring/voice volume.

  5. That Was Really The Best Gadget For New Generation And When We Drive The Car At That Time That Really Help Us Like Free Hand Conversation With Phone Callers….

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