Review: Pizza Rustica

I have been hearing about this restaurant for sometime now but I didn’t have the chance to eat there yet. So instead of not eating there at all I decided to order pick up and bring it home. Walking into the mall I knew it was in the food court section but on the left side, I just kept walking until I found it. Oddly enough Avenues was empty, I thought it gets pretty full at night.

The place was relatively empty about 10% full out of all the tables. I took a menu and was approached by the waitress right away, I ordered one margaritta pizza, one quattro formagio pizza, one pepproni pizza, and lasagna bolognese. The lasagna for me, and all of this was to go. I told them to make sure it was done right and they will get comments from me one way or another. I have to say the manager was very nice and helpful, and made sure my order was taken care of. The chef on hand is a chef who used to work at the Harrods Pizzeria, the menu is also identical to the Harrods Pizzeria, and the furniture in the restaurant is an exact duplicate especially oven and cooking area.

They packaged it all together and ready to go, the packaging for the lasagna was a bit dissapointing since it looked like it will lose the heat quickly. So I took off home to make sure everything stays warm, I didn’t even switch on the A/C or air circulation.

As soon as I got home I put the lasagna in a plate and heated it up, thats why it looks displaced in the pictures due to my slight mishandling. One thing is for sure, their food is amazing, the pizza tasted great and fresh, the lasagna was amazing. I will be going to have dinner there soon to have the full experience, but as of now I really recommend people to go there.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Will go there for sure. Lasagna doesn’t look so bad at all.

  2. Laialy_q8

    you got some pretty nice pictures there

    now I am hungry *sigh*

  3. I went there yesterday looking for a place to eat, found Rustica, but wasn’t too keen on eating there since I never heard anything about it from any one, I ate at Obika Mozarrella Bar, which was quite good! The woman working at Rustica told me that the chef who works there used to work at Harrods’ Pizzeria, or that the idea was his, or that he’s making the same pizza. I have no idea, I wasn’t concentrating, but key point is, they’re related.

  4. i was there yesterday but didn’t know about this place,, i would have had my dinner there from your review only ;)

    thanks buddy

  5. I like the high tables and stools. I’m gonna go there just to sit on them. They look so cool!

  6. hmmmm… craving pizza now! hmmmm

  7. You have to come in Italy to taste the real pizza and then you could compare! ; )
    The “Lasagne” instead seem so similar to my mother’s lasagne!
    When I travel I love to compare the different tastes of the world…
    Great blog I come often to read your posts!


  8. fatooosh

    The lasagna looks good! Bil3afya!

    And thanks for making it so easy to decide what to have for dinner tonight! ;p

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