The Annoying One!

You have a friend like this! The one who is picky and has to argue for arguments sake and he is usually very entertaining. He is the one you want with you when arguing about any product or service, but yesterday was the day I wanted to annoy him and the best way to do that is when asking what he wants to eat from McDonalds.

What he wanted:
1 McSpicy (Sandwich)
1 Medium French Fries
1 Cheese Burger (No Onions, No Pickles, and I forgot what else)

What I ordered for him:
1 McSpicy (Sandwich)
1 Large French Fries
1 Double Cheese Burger (No Customization)

Was he annoyed by the Double Cheese Burger? Very Much
Was I entertained? Very Much

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. hehehhehe laish inzain? mo u said he was entertaining??

  2. What you should have ordered for him:
    1 Veggie burger (Sandwich)
    1 SuperSized French Fries
    1 Double Cheese Burger (with extra onions and pickles)

    LOL !

  3. why wud anyone be annoyed with a diuble cheeseburger :O

  4. Zahed


  5. I really really understand where you’re coming from.

  6. Laialy_q8

    I see you have joined the evil side :p

  7. Q80 In Denver

    LooooL I have that picky friend :p I have to try :p

    Side Note: Why did you stop responding to comments :p

  8. i would kill you
    no one can mess with my order

  9. if i’d order for a picky person, i will tell him “no customization or no order”

  10. Picky friends are a pain at times, but they are great targets to get back at when they annoy the hell out of u! I got plenty of them but i still i love them haha

  11. heart palpitations, panic attacks and start talking to themselves as they try to figure out what to do next.

    poor thing.

  12. Sunshine B

    looooooool nice one

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